....And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps Lyrics

Muscled, black with steel-green eye
Swishing through the rye grass
with thoughts of mouse-and-apple pie
Tail balancing at half-mast.
....And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps
lying in the cherry tree.
Savage bed foot-warmer
of purest feline ancestry.
Look out, little furry folk!
He's the all-night working cat
Eats but one in every ten
leaves the others on the mat.

....And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
waiting by the cellar door.
birth and death registrar.
With claws that rake a furrow red
Licensed to multilate.
From warm milk on a lazy day
to dawn patrol on hungry hate
....No, The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
climbing on the ivy.
Windy roof-top weathercock
Warm-blooded night on a cold tile.

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