The door swings open but you won't go in
You hate the movie that you've never seen
You could have seen what I have in mind
I see you laughing but you're cutting it,
Cutting it fine

You never should have done those things to me
There's one thread left 'tween you and history
And while my temperature is rising high
I warn you now that you are cutting it
Cutting it fine

* Cutting it, cutting it fine
Cutting it fine
Cutting it fine
Cutting it fine

You gambled all on one important game
But you take your debts then don't complain
The game was up, I saw it all the time
Some advice, girl, you're cutting it
Cutting it fine

Your sole advisor always was yourself
Never listened to no one else
You are the one who ignored the signs
Dancing on a fine line, cutting it fine

(* Repeat)