When I'm dancing with Deseri
All the boys are jealous of me
I'm as happy as I can be
Oh, Deseri

I will never be untrue
I will never ever make her blue
She'll never sigh, cry, sit and pine
We will share a love divine
Deseri is mine

I'm as happy as I can be
Whenever I'm with Deseri
She saves her lovin' just for me
Oh Deseri

Deseri, the first day we met
I'll never forget
I saw you walking down the street
And my heart skipped a beat
I told you of my love for you
But there was nothing, nothing you would do
I said, please hear my plea
Come dance with me
Oh Deseri, you came
We went to the dance that night
I held you so tight
And I know that our love will last thru the years
For ever, holding each other, for cram & for dorssn.