I Threw a Brick Through a Window Lyrics

I was talking, I was talking to myself, somebody else.
Talk, talk, talking.
I couldn't hear a word,
A word you said.
He was my brother.
I said there was no other,
Way out of here.
Be my brother.
I got to get out.

I was walking, I was walking into walls.
I'm back again, just keep walking.
I walk into a window to see myself, and my reflection.
When I thought about it,
My direction,
Going nowhere, going nowhere.

No one, no one is blinder.
Who will, who will not see?
No one, no one is blinder than me.

I was talking, I was talking in my sleep.
I can stop talking.
I'm talking to you.
It's up to you.
Be my brother.
There is another way out of here,
In my brother.
Gonna get out, gonna get out of here.