(McFadden, McClarty)

Sometimes I wonder 'bout the pages of my life
As each new chapter comes of age
I set the theme, I spell the words, I rhyme the lines
Then why can't I read what's on the page?

I'm heading on down a one-way highway, searching for a sign
That leads the way, so fast from day to day
I'm heading on down this one-way highway, somewhere down the road
Another morning waits for me, each day another mystery
I'll take it on my own, go there alone

Lately I wonder, what I'm learning on my way
There's so much left I need to know
Life is a river, that's searching for a source
How far do I still have left to go?


Looking out to the highway, I search for love, but still I'm alone
What's wrong with me, am I losing ground? I can't find the way back home


Turn the page around, find what I left behind
Now that I'm on my own, it's not what I wanna find
I wanna settle down, I, I turn the page around
I want to find my way back home, why can't I find my way back
Home, home, home, home, oh, oh, oh, oh
I'll find my way back home