Mud Sh-sh-shark


Lemme tell you 'bout the Mud Shark...
The origins of the Mud Shark are as follows: There's a motel in
Seattle, Washington called the Edgewater Inn. The Edgewater Inn's
built on a pier.. so that means that when you look out your window
you don't see any dirt -- it's got a bay or something out in your
backyard,,, And to make it even more interesting, in the lobby of
the aforementioned motel there's a bait and tackle shop where the
residents can go down whenever they want to, and rent a fishing pole
and some preserved minnows and schlep back up to their rooms, open
the window, stick their little pole outside and within a few minutes
actually catch a fish of some sort that they can bring into their
motel room and do whatever they want with it... you know what I
mean? Now in this bay there's quite a variety of ah... fish! Not
only do they have mud sharks up there, they got little octopusses
that you can catch. And all these denizens of the deep can come in
real handy... Let's say you were a travelling Rock and Roll band
called the Vanilla Fudge. Let's say one night you checked into the
Edgewater Inn Motel with a 8mm movie camera, enough money to rent a
pole, and just to make it more interesting -- a succulent young lady
(Mnaaaah!) with a taste for the bizarre... My mind drifts back to a
meeting, a chance meeting in the Chicago O'Hare Airport where the
members of the Vanilla Fudge told Don Preston about a home movie
they made at the Edgewater Inn with a Mud Shark. I'm gonna tell you,
this dance, the Mud Shark, is sweeping the ocean!...

You go out
So far out
You do the Mud Shark. baby ... etc