Autogedden Lyrics

Fascists are all I see
One too many Buttfuckers controlling me
But Suicide or Vigilante
To up the ante - Which is my way?

Ain't but the One Way
Ain't but the One Way
Ain't but the One Way... (gunshot)
To be free

Step into view... and about time
Make yourself some enemies + step out of line
We need a deadly assassin
And we need to do it today
'Cause the greed inside the Greedheads ain't ever gonna go away...

Grab yourself some friends, man
And grab yourself a good plan
And get yourself a hitman
And work out a time span
And aim for the Headman... Then lie low.
Well, today I just feel so confused
So battered + psychically bruised
All my friends talk of Collusion, ha,
Conspiracies just add to the Confusion
Like a pig pulls a cartload of sausages
Guess I'm drawing my own conclusion

I need a car that can get me around
Far from the city-dwellers AM sound
Commuters + computers,
Yeah, I'm just on more Polluter
But the Travel-bug has got me
And the buggers all have Taught me...

That there ain't no gettin' round gettin' round
Yeah, there ain't no gettin' round gettin' round

"Phone for you"
Mother, can't you see I'm in the bath
They say that we're at war again + disappearing fast
But I need to get to London + I need to get there fast
But my car is a polluter + it's messing up my future...

Ain't there ain't go gettin' round gettin' round.
Yeah, there ain't no gettin' round gettin' round.

auto'GEDDON Blues
I had a dream in the middle of the day
And now my waking dream won't go away
I watched the city swallow everywhere
Only shantytowns of despair
And these thing I saw;

Roadculture at the end of the line
Citydwelling at the end of the line
Motherfucking at the end of the line
These things I saw + these things are fine
I had a dream I the middle of the day
And now my waking dream won't go away...

Motorway services were the new cities
The poisonous air had wrecked our homes
Gasoline rivers burning up the seas
And I saw my people down on their knees
I had a ream in the middle of the day
And now my waking dream won't go away...

So I left the city just to breathe some air
Just to keep my old brain from busting
Yeah, I left the city just to breathe some air
But out here in the fields...
You know they're still just fields,
Still fences + signs screaming;
"Keep off my land
No Trespass - By Order"

By drunken disorder my likely, Old Prick,
Your drunken Development's making me sick
Your drunken Development's making me yawn
I shit on your reason
Your rose is my Thorn

I had a dream in the middle of the day
And now my waking dream won't go away...

So I walk walk walk right over the land
Yes, I walk + I keep on walking
I grab a rock from the ground, yeah,
This is No game
Decide I'll let my rock do the talking
"Till a man drives up in a 4x4
Up to me all alone on this lonely moor
And my rock says "hullo" this has gaping jaw
And my rock says "Bye-bye" to his bleeding head,
Well, I Never saw a dead man but he looked dead

I had a dream in the middle of the day
And my waking dream won't go away.

And they wonder why a man behave like this
Behave like he wants to feel the land is his
But I heard Mama crying in my deepest dreams,
Mama Tooold me to do it
This is mot what it seems
There are more of us a-Commin'
There are more like me
Messed up - Messed up with nothing to lose
It's a barbed wire fence
Which side do you chose?

And I can't shake the feeling this has happened before
My nightmare Returning
In Auto'GEDDON we're burning (REPEAT)
No shit, Sherlock
The gun is loaded + primed
No shit, Sherlock
I've had enough of your lies
I spent enough time
Without making a blunder
And I'll do it again 'till she dies

No shit, Sherlock
It's all going off in his hands
A deadly assassin, yeah
What will his money buy now?

Don't call me Mark Chapman
'Cause they deserve each other
And I'll do it again 'till she dies

All night Barry Manilow playing loud over the speaker system.
Just trying to drive the fucker out.
A waste of time - a man committed a mind resolved
All night Barry Manilow - Mandy... Copa Cobana
Just trying to drive the fucker out...

And as the sun does rise and Will Every morning, so this morning does this man
know that he must leave this festered Ratmosphere.
He does not look back a the 2 bodies, no.
There is grace where before there was only malignant anger,
And there is dignity in his New Up-right Stride...
And with longing in his Longitude
And with attitude in his Latitude, the once little man leaves the chrome condo
carbuncle + faces up to the arresting officer,
Does Not Swerve in his arrival though 130 police automatics point directly at h
is head...
And with a tacky sense of humour,
But with a True sense of the Moment, says;

"Don't call me Mark Chapman... 'cause they deserve each other
Don't call me Sirhan Sirhan... 'cause they ain't Duran Duran
And I'll do it again 'till she dies."
Greedhead policestate
Admit your mistake
Here to go, baby
Here to beat Daddy
Here to catch a falling star

Save yourself some money
Run behind a taxi
Walk behind a funeral car.
Doomy doomy doomy
Yet I'm feelin' gloomy
Still I hate to screw my Ma...

I gotta walk - walk walk walk - gotta walk - I'm hip... I'll walk.
I don't mean to hold a gun up to your head
I'll be fine once you are gone, of that I'm sure
Another time + I'd be smiling in your eyes
For the sake of all our love
And that I know

But the rising of the Moon
Means the ending of the day
Time waits for no-one just takes you away
I don't mean to hold a gun up to your head
It's just the anticipation I can't stand.

Well, I feel sure that the Genius who did this
Didn't even feel a thud as he drove by
Now I know my day must end with me alone, dear,
And I see more than only dark on my horizon.

Treason + Infamy enter my life
Tear out the spark that illumines the Sun
Down comes the Universe - tumbling down
Everything is come un-Done
Everything is come un-Done.

Cut like a knife in the soil with a spade
Merge with the one light possessing the other
Scream, "Holly Murder, he's done us tonight."
Come, little sister, behold ye the Mother,
Come, little sister, behold ye the Mother.
I packed my bags + I left the town
I took my money put a payment down
A little house is a country seat
They say that country life is hard to beat.

I'm way out west and now there is not doubt
In city life there is no way out
There's no horizon and there is no Moon
Could be November but it might be June

Paranormal in the West Country
'Cause paralyzed is not easy to be
I feel the power of a mystery
Paranormal the West Country

Get away from the government
Get away form the scrum
Get away from the in-bred Fuckingham Palace Scum

ii) Archdrude's Roadtrip

Driving on the fast side of slow
It's so annoying for the other guy
Driving on the fast side of slow
Speeding up to 45 then slowing down
Braking for no reason at all
When the sign reads "30," drive at 25,
Sunday driving 7 days a week, oh no,
And driving on the fast side of slow.

Boy, you've got a nerve commin' here
You sing of Auto'GEDDON but you drive a car
Like a cheap new age cavalier
You should be more like Merlin + walk everywhere

I can't live in sin at all
I can't live after the fall
Cause I don't believe at all
But I do believe a call

There's a thousand things in my life that I'm trying to do
They involve a lot of friction, they involve a lot of you
But I want to huggy up to her,
And smell her Mother breath
Cause I love my live, love my life
I love it to death.s.t.a.r.c.a.r.
I went out in a real s.t.a.r.c.a.r.
Full of light + traveling far
And how we zoomed
And how we zoomed

For such a love pay just one kiss
All love is doomed
All love is doomed.
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