Beginnings Lyrics

Doors of Sleep
Life is just a reflection
Sometime mirrored i nthe past
As we strive for perfection
We live until we last

Where the new might grow with the old
Where the fool is oft times the wise
Everything has got to be evened out
Leaving as without a doubt

Home, home from the horizon
Far and clear
Hither to the soft wings sweep
Flocks of the memories
Of the days draw near

The dove-cote doors of sleep
Which way are they, that come through this sweet light
Of all these homing birds
Which? with the straightest and the swiftest flight
Your words to me, your words

The first time I took this girl's hand
She was as if for whom I was born
And there's more besides a fair morning
Needed for a fair day

Play the halls
See the stalls tonight
Open roads the like
Across the dateline change will never strike

Australia lies ahead
Australia, we head for the mainland
Clutching our gifts from the East
Only to find out

Planes and the highways
STrain the paths and the by-ways
Remain, still it's leading me
Closer to you

Australia, we're leaving you behind
Australia, we're taking the easy way out
From now on

"Come to," can't get away from ya still
"Come to, we'll take good care of ya."

Australia, you save your face while fashions slip
Australia, you're balanaced between
The powers' tightening grip
I've been to, it's a long way for ya still
"Go via, they'll take care of ya."

The Nature of the Sea

Lost Symphony
Two-sided through four sides
We slide
Are we up, are we down?
Twirling round and round
Spectral spaces found
Leaves enjoy their autumn
Do you like the fall?
Suppose yourself above it all
In our self-made worlds

Well, I met her when an old established
Twining friendship failed
You'd think by now
It would be right, that I'm not nailed
To some obscure note
That runs along a board
In our self-made worlds
Do we rote

Changes into harmony
Revolutions oiled to that symphony


Will o' the Wisp
Break the chains that keep us here
The dirty city and unwholesome wares

Free the grip from round my head
My eyes long to see the fields instead
As time doth slowly and sorely creep
The distant mist I sense before me
Wisps about my feet

Tell me what happened to me
She'd say, it was meant to be
Go off and journey someplace
I'll see you after winter

You know it can always happen
So near to the end
Love has a funny habit of
Running out on you

Just in time you'll be here
Living by the river
Mixing with friends, I know them
Sharing touch and beauty

Belgium is just a place I remember
Streets of rain, one forgotten night
Early flight
We just slipped away
Sharing breakfast, nothing left to say


Pleasure Stole the Night
Lord, help us do well
All that we have to do
Feet on the ground, heads in the clouds
Live a life that's free and easy
Pall and good
Show us the trend

There came a time, "No more," we said

"To leave it in their hands divine."
Show us the trend

Set out sails, burnt our boats
Independence ruled the day
While pleasure stole the night

Epochs past, lives were spent
Until a new band came
Did not intend to spend
Cease from your haste, they said

Leave time to repeat
Your aims, they are misplaced
You don't have to race, they cried

Oh Lord, help us do
All we have to do

"With negligent regret,
The world sped on."

Break Away from It All
Standing in the street
Making me so weak
I'm just mentally detached from the people around me

Learning by the rules
Children soon find out
Drunken fathers' tools
Get handed on down by generation
A young boy soon knows his destination
Give him a chance and he'll
Break away from it all
Individuality just won't let him stall

It might have been that every sound we made
Went unrealized
Till all of us stopped to look 'round
Any of them could have left town
We've come to watch their personality change
Individuality put us out of range
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