Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Lyrics




The Story in Your Eyes
I've been thinking about our fortune,
And I've decided that we're really not to blame
For the love that's deep inside us now
Is still the same

And the sound we make together
Is the music to the story in your eyes
It's been shining down upon me now
I realize

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We are part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But I'm frightened for your children
And the life that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we've been waiting for
Will turn to rain

When the final line is over
And it's certain that the curtain's gonna fall
I can hide inside your sweet sweet love
For ever more

(Repeat 3rd verse)

(Repeat 4th verse)

Our Guessing Game
Walking in the sand
Thinking of things adventures in my mind
Of tall ships that sail
Across the oceans wide
They won't wait for me
See how they glide away so gracefully
And with tomorrow what will become of me
They leave me so much to explain
That's the start of our guessing game.

There are times when I think I've found the truth
There are times when I know that I'm wrong
And the days when I try to hide my fears
Bless the days when I'm feeling strong
Bless the days when I'm feeling strong

Wonder why we try so hard
Wonder why we try at all
You wonder why the world is turning around
When in the end it won't matter at all.

Standing in the town
Looking at people counting their frowns
Unhappy faces hurrying around
So blind they cannot see
All of these things
The way life ought to be
And with tomorrow what will they make of me
It leaves me so much to explain
That's the start of our guessing game


Emily's Song
Lovely to know the warmth
Your smile can bring to me
I want to tell you but the words you do not know

Sing me a lullaby
Of songs you cannot write
And I will listen for there's beauty where there's love

And in the morning of my life
and in the evening of my day
I will try to understand in what you say...

Rivers of endless tides
Have passed beneath my feet
And all too soon they had me standing on my own

Then when my eyes were closed
You opened them for me
and now we journey thro' our lives to what will be

And in the morning of my life
and in the evening of my day
I will try to understand in what you say

Through all that life can give to you
Only true love will see you through
And we'll stand beside you now in what you say

(Repeat 6th Verse)

Take me into your world
Alone I cannot go
For I've been here so long
You're leaving me behind
Walk with me now
Into your land of fairytales
And open up that book of pages in my mind
And open up that book of ages in my mind
And open up that book of pages in my mind
And open up that book of ages in my mind

After You Came
Since it began I got one dream and really it's my only blessing
If I can come through then so can you
And you will find there's no regretting
Things you want fromyour life's font
Will never let your spirit roam
Come back to earth for what it's worth
For you've been dreaming of a ceiling not a home

I've been doing my best
What else can I do?
Is there something I've missed
That will help you through

I have reached the top of my wall
And all I've found is another way to fall

For some short time
For a while you and I were joined to eternity
Then we split in two back to me and you
Like the rain rising fromhe sea
Rising from the sea
We all can see what we shall be
But knowing's really not controlling

With time perhaps I will pass the traps and find some peace and
After you'd come and while you're gone
You leave me guessing-It's depressing
Never to know the way to go to find some time along a little less pressing
So you just have to laugh
When it hurst so much
YOu're so far away and so hard to touch

I have reached the top of my wall
and all I've found is another way to fall

(Repeat 1st Verse)


One More Time to Live
Look out of my window
See the world passing by
See the look in her eye

One more time to live and I have made it mine
Leave the wise to write for they write worldy rhymes

and he who wants to fight begins the end of time
For I have riches more than these
For I have riches more than these

Creation (Tell me someone why there's only confusion)
Evolution (Tell me someone that this is all an illusion)
Pollution (Tell me someone)
Saturation (Tell me someone)
Revolution (Tell me someone why this talk of revolution)
confusion (Tell me someone when we're changing evolution)
Illusion (Tell me someone)
Conclusion (Tell me someone)
Contemplation (Changes in my life)
Elation (Changes in my life)
Salvation (Changes in my life)

Look out on the hedgerow
As the world rushes by
Hear the birds sing such

One more tree will fall how strong the growing vine
Turn the earth to sand and still commit no crime
How one thought will live provide the others die
For I have riches more than these
For I have riches more than these

(Repeat middle part)

(Repeat verse 1)

Nice to Be Here
Nice to be here hope you agree
Lying in the sun
Lovely weather must climb a tree
The show has just begun

All the leaves start swaying
To the breeze that's playing
On a thousand violins
And the bees are humming
To a frog sat strumming
On a guitar with only one string.

I can see them they can't see me
I feel out of sight.
I can see them they can't see me
Much to my delight.

And it seems worth noting
Water rats were boating
As a lark began to sing
And sounds kept coming
With Jack Rabbit loudly strumming
On the side of a biscuit tin


Silver minnows were devising
Water ballet so surprising
A mouse played a daffodil
A mole came up blinking
Underneath an owl who's thinking
How he came to be sat on a hill


I know you won't believe me
But I'm certain that I did see
A mouse playing daffodil
All the band was really jumping
With Jack Rabbit in there thumping
I found that I couldn't sit still
I just had to make it with them
Cause they play my kind of rhythm
And the bees hummed in harmony
And the owl played is oboe
Then the frogs guitar solo
It was all too much for me

You Can Never Go Home
I don't know what I'm searching for
I never have opened the door
Tomorrow may find me at alast,
Turning my back on the past,
But, time will tell, of stars that fell,
A million years ago.
Memories can never take you back, home, sweet, home.
You can never go home any more.

All my life I never really knew me till today.
Now I know why, I'm just anothe step along the way.

I lie awake for hours, I'm just waiting for the sun.
When the journey we are making has begun,
Don't deny the feeling that is stealing through your heart.
Every happy ending needs to have a start.

All my life I never really knew me till today.
Now I know why I am just another step along the way.
Weep no more for treasures you've been searching for in vain,
'Cos the truth is gently falling with the rain,
High above the forest lie the pastures of the sun,
Where the two that learned the secret now are one.

(Repeat 1st verse)

My Song
I'm going to sing my song
And sing it all day long
A song that never ends
How can I tell you, all the things inside my head.

The change in these past years
Has made me see our world
In many different ways
How can I tell you, love can change your destiny.

Love can change the world
Love can change your life
Do what makes you happy
Do what you know is right
And love with all your might
Before it's too late

Where did I find all these words
Something inside me is burning
There's life in other worlds
Maybe they'll come to earth,
Helping man to find a way.

One day I hope we'll be in perfect harmony
A planet with one mind
Then I could tell you
All the things inside my head

Repeat 1st verse

I'm going to sing my song
A song that never ends.