Full Moon Dirty Hearts Lyrics

Days of Rust
Dirty money
Washed rich
Suck my honey
It's a cinch

Use your delusions
To get ahead
I'm not faking
A single breath

You say these days are made of rust
Counted out
Counted out in loss
I've got plans to prove them wrong

I got manners
Like a comedy
If you push too hard
It's a thin veneer

Got the new deal
It's like a wish
See me wanting
All of this

The Gift
Oh so fine
We were trying
Out of nowhere
Just in time

Let you take me
Deep down the river
Kiss the changes
That shape my life

Left behind
All the tracks that
I could find

All these scars are mine

I was thinking
Got the feeling
The gift you gave
Is gonna last forever

All the lies you find
All the truth you see
Rise and fall
But I know what's mine

Here we lie
Looking up to
Empty sky
And the promises we find

I'm not the first one
To ask why

All we ever try

Make Your Peace
There are rivers running
Just for you and me
In the darkest hours
Choices made to be

I choose to pull my punches
Don't you test my conscience
You'll see
You'll see

Cut your teeth and make your peace
Is what you ask for

Got a way of getting
What I want to see
When you know I'm winning
You'll get over me
All the trash you're thinking
Don't you feel it sinking

All this bitter fighting
Makes no sense to me
We're only talking circles
Loosin' sympathy
No time like the future
Make signs 'cause I need ya

You got to make a sense yeah
Everything affects ya
You're turning up the pressure
But can you keep it on

Well it's only time
It's only time that makes you
Well it's only time
It's only time that breaks you

Yeah they're gonna make ya
Pay for the crime
And put you up in cages
Treat you unkind

All your plans are made now
Just like they told you
So what becomes of Monday
Now that Sunday's gone

All you ever wanted
Will come to you one day
Just when you taste it
You turn and walk away

I'm Only Looking
I hear voices
Inside my head
Can I deceive
Can I believe
My whispering friends

What do I hear
About war and peace
What do I hear
About love and sex

I'm delirious
For an answer

Taking me deeper
And deeper in mind
I'm only looking

Fascination for
Limits of love
Should I aim higher
And higher and higher

Will I break you
Like some possession
To learn my lesson

Please (You Got That...)
I've come to tell you 'bout the story I see
It made of honey but it sting like a bee
Got the message that it come from the floor
And that's the way to get yourself in trouble

You think it's easy 'cause you don't know the feeling
Make it up
Make it up like you do no wrong
Give me fever like a man blind from passion
If you got the time I'll show you how to turn it on

You got that need

She got her ways to get me down on the floor
And take me places that I never seen before
Someone told me I got to take it easy
But I'm a junkie
A junkie when the heat is on

Full Moon Dirty Hearts
Full moon in the dirty sky
That's all we can hope for

Full moon over dirty hearts

Don't be surprised
By the way it is
I've broken bones for less

I took a voyage
On the deep blue sea
But I had to swim away
I swam away that day

Innocence is what we want
Now even children think that way

Freedom Deep
Show me the way
Give away
The truth
I'm looking for

I need a new way
Out of here
The door
Is opening

Freedom take me deeper

All the blue days
Gone astray
The clouds
Are giving in

I'm losing my fear
The way
Has come to me

Kill the Pain
Put the red lights on
Don't tell them that you've gone
Leave behind your fears
You know they can't be wrong

Kill the pain you feel

I know you've seen some things
That hurt you in your dreams
Your face
It tells the story
The pages stained with tears

You kill the pain you feel

Keep the heart

Take the curtains down
The sun is what you found
It leads you far from here
And takes you to high ground

Find a way
Keep the heart
You have within

Cut Your Roses Down
And it comes down to this
When you take a look
Got to find a reason
Find it out
What the fuck it's about

All you lovers
Take a look around
Before they cut your roses down
All they've got is bones and blood
Don't they know that love is around

Make your way through the pain
You've got no one to blame
Put a rope around
Rush into the ground
All in the name of love

You meet the devil within
And that's a name not a friend
Comes around knocking down doors
And when you let him in
Gonna burn again

The Messenger
Look around
Give your eyes a new adventure
What you see
Is a mix of past and future

Your moment
Is coming
Hold on

How you gonna be when tell the story
Everything we took
Was it from each other

It's too late to get around it
Say goodbye to how we found it
This is what we least expected
Don't you put the blame on the messenger

I've seen the flames
That lick at survival
Check your dreams
Into the justice hotel

Viking Juice
If this was easy
Where would I be
I haven't said I have all the answers
How could anyone

Can't stop looking at the lights
All around my head
I'm missing the darker side
Of the man

He's on his knees
Looking for the door
But everybody's
Giving him applause

Crashed the car
Into a wall
But everybody's
Calling for more

It's called the end of rock and roll

These days are numbered
Counted out in loss
Faith and spirit
Walking hand in hand

To meet a wall
Made of sound
But where does that sound
Find a place today

Maybe we came to the wrong show
I've seen this before

Oh shadow take me
Leave nothing still
'cause I've not seen the miracle
How could anyone

We ask too much of the song
To come and save our souls
When all it's trying to do now
Is save its own