Three Friends Lyrics

Three friends are made, three lives are laughs and tears
Through years of school and play they share
As time stands still the days change into years
And future comes without a care.
But fate and skill and chances play their part
The wind of change leaves no good-bye
Three boys are men their ways have drawn apart
They tell their tales to justify.

The bell rings
And all things
Are calling
The days past
The play's cast
When we were
Schooldays the happy days when we were going nowhere
Schooldays the happy time when we were feeling no care
Schooldays when three said that we'd better be friends forever
How long is ever isn't it strange
Schooldays together why do they change.
Did kites fly
And I spy
And you cry
To run fast
Or come last
You know how
We made vows
They're gone now
We made friends
We broke friends
No more friends
Remember when we
Went to the sea
Was it real or did we dream. The days of children gone.
Seagull's scream and pink ice cream and the deep blue sky
And the waves seem high and golden sand and the town
brass band play on.
Wait for me
Wait for us always
Wait for me
Wait for us to come
Homework's dull. It's worth the pain to go out when I want
Mister Watson wants to see you in the master's room. It's
about the work you should have done and I think you
must go now.

Working all day, I'm digging up the roads, just working all
Dig for my pay and spend it where I like. I've nothing to
Drown in my sweat but money buys escape. I've got no
Working all day
Working all day
When I was young I used to have illusions - Dreams ain't
Easy to say that everybody's equal then look around and
see it ain't true.
Working all day
I eat the dust. The boss gets all the money. Life ain't just.
I'm still the same as all the other people - who can I trust
Working all day and never getting nowhere, what can I
say working all day
Working all day.

Free from the start -
Left to depart -
Finding the pleaser and the pain in his art.
Lost in the hush -
No need to rush -
Time waits for him, him who creates with the
Colour the brush.
High in the air -
His dreams are there -
Searching for answers he will look everywhere.
Thinks he has won -
A place in the sun
Free from the worries and the ways of everyone.
Peel the paint
Look underneath
You'll see the same, the same old savage beast.
Strip the coats
The coats of time
And find mad eyes and see those sharpened
Nothing's been learned -
No nothing at all.
Don't be fooled, get up before you fall.
Carnal grave
Crawling smooth
Open flesh and you must let him in.
Glass reflects
What you are
It shows the face, the evil face of sin.

Look around my rooms and see the prizes I have showing
Working hard to build my life and plan the way I'm going
House and car and pretty wife - they've all been won by knowing
All been won by knowing
All been won by knowing.
Paperwork, white collared shirts - where would we be without
Man of class and quality - I never shout about them
Choose my friends for my own ends.
You can't succeed without them
Can't succeed without them
Can't succeed without them.
Middleman sees straight ahead and never crosses borders
Never understood the artist or the lazy workers
The world needs steady men like me to give and take the orders
Give and take the orders
Give and take the orders.

Once three friends
Sweet in sadness
Now part of their past.
In the end
Full of gladness