Unknown Pleasures Lyrics

I've been waiting for a guide to come
and take me by the hand
Could these sensations make me feel
the pleasures of a normal man
New sensations bear the innocence -
leave them for another day
I've go the spirit, lose the feeling
take the shock away

It's getting faster, moving faster now,
it's getting out of hand
On the tenth floor, down the backstairs
into no-man's land
Lights are flashing,
cars are crashing,
getting frequent now
I've got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it
out somehow

What means to you,
what means to me -
and we will meet again
I'm watching you, I watch it all
I take no pity from friends
Who is right and who can tell,
and who gives a damn right now
Until the spirit, new sensation
takes hold - then you know (3)
I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling (2)
Feeling (7)
Day of the Lords
This is the room, the start of it all
No portraits so fine, only sheets on the wall
I've seen the nights,
filled with bloodsports in vain
And the body is obtained
Where will it end? (4)

These are your friends,
from childhood for you
Who goaded you on demanded
full proof
Withdraw maiden's heart,
and do you right in
So distorted and thin, distorted and thin
Where will it end? (4)

This is the car, at the edge of the road
There's nothing disturbed,
all the windows are closed
I guess you were right,
when we talked in the heat
There's no room for the weak
no room for the weak
Where will it end? (4)

This is the room, the start of it all
Dreamt I fled from you,
I remember it all
Oh I've seen the nights, filled with
bloodsport in vain
And the body's obtained, the body's obtained
Where will it end? (4)
Forced by the pressure, the territory's
No longer the pleasure, Oh I've since
lost the heart
Corrupted from memory, no longer the power
It's creeping up slowly, that last
fatal hour

Oh I don't know what made me,
or what gave me the night
To mess with your values
And change wrong to right

Please keep your distance
the trail leads to here,
There's blood on your fingers,
brought on by fear
I campaigned for nothing,
I worked hard for this
I tried to get to you
you treat me like this

It's just second nature,
it's what we've been shown
We're living by your rules,
that's all that we know
I tried to get to you (3)
Oh how I tried to get to you
Guess the dream always end
They don't rise up just descend
But I don't care anymore
I've lost the will to want more
I'm not afraid, not at all
I watch them all as they fall
But I remember, when we were young

Those with habits of waste
The sense of style and the taste
Of making sure you were right
Hey, don't you know you were right
I'm not afraid anymore
I keep my eyes on the door
But I remember...

Tears and sadness for you
Awe of evil for you
Reflects a moment in time
A special moment in time
Yeah, we wasted our time
We didn't really have time
But we remember - when we were young

And all God's angels beware
And all you judges beware
Sons of chance take good care
For all the people out there
I'm not afraid anymore (4)
New Dawn Fades
Change of speed, a change of style
A change of scene, with no regrets
A chance to watch
admire the distance
Still occupied - though you forget
Different colours, different shades
Over each mistakes were made
I took the blame
Directionless, so plain to see
A loaded gun won't set you free
So you say

We'll share a drink and step outside
An angry voice and one who cried
We'll give you everything and more
The strain's too much,
can't take much more
Oh I've walked on water,
run through fire
Can't seem to feel it anymore
It was me - waiting for me
Hoping for something more
Me - see me in this time -
Hoping for something else
She's Lost Control
Confusion in her eyes that says it all -
She's lost control
And she's clinging to the nearest passer-by
She's lost control
And she gave away the secrets of her past
And said "I've lost control again."

And she turned to me
and took me by the hand
and said "I've lost control again"
and how I'll never know just why
or understand
She said "I've lost control again"
And she screamed out, kicking on her side
And seized up on the floor -
I thought she'd died
She said "I've lost control again"
She's lost control again -
she's lost control

Well I had to phone her friend
to state her case and say
she's lost control again
And she showed up all the errors
and mistakes
and said "I've lost control again"
But she expressed herself in many
different ways
until she'd control again
And walked upon the edge of no escape
and laughed "I've lost control again"
She's lost control again,
she's lost control (2)
To the centre of the city where all roads
meet looking for you
To the depths of the ocean
where all hopes sank searching for you
Moving through the silence without motion
waiting for you
In a room with no window in the corner,
I found truth

In the shadowplay, acting out your
own death, knowing more
As the assassins all grouped
in four lines,
Dancing on the floor,
And with cold steel, odour on their bodies,
made a move to connect
I could only stare in disbelief
as the crowds all left

I did everything, everything I wanted to
I let them use you -
for their own ends
To the centre of the city in night
waiting for you (2)
I traveled far and wide through many
different times
What did you see there?
I saw all knowledge destroyed

I traveled far and wide to prisons
of the cross
What did you see there?
The power and glory of sin
What did you see there?
The blood of Christ on their skins
I traveled far and wide through many
different times

I traveled far and wide where
unknown martyrs died
I saw the one-sided trials
What did you see there?
I saw the tears as they cried
They had tears in their eyes!
Tears in their eyes! (3)
I walked through city limits
Someone took me by the hand in the blue
Attracted by some force within it
If I could close my eyes,
I could get used to it
Around the corner where a puppet lay
Saw the place where she had a room to stay
A wire fence
where children play
Saw them dance where the body lay
And I was looking for a friend of mine
The car screeched in the sand
and dust
Feel encouraged -
just a car on it's side
Metallic blue turned red with rust
Pulled it close by the buildin's side
In a room for forgotten youth
I could think
or let my senses slide
Turned on to a night with you
Find the place where my friends, won't go
And I was looking for a friend of mine
and I had no time to lose
Yeah looking for some friends of mine
Down the dark street,
the houses looked the same
Stopped and turned around,
held me to a game
I walked round and round,
you nailed me to a tree
Trying to find a way,
trying to find a way, to get out
For twelve windows stand in a row
Behind a wall
where a room to go
The light shined like a neon show
See the deep mellow warmth
of the glow
No place to stop,
no place to go
No time to lose,
have to keep on going
I guess they died some time ago
I guess they died some time ago
And I was looking for a friend of mine
And I have no time to lose
Yeah, I was looking for a friend of mine
I Remember Nothing
We were strangers, we were strangers,
Away too long,
away too long
We were violent strangers,
away too long,
Get weak all the time,
we just passed the time
Me in my own world, yeah you there beside
The gaps only moment,
we stared from each side
We were strangers, away too long

Violent, more violent his hand
cracks the chair
Moves on reaction, then slumps,
in despair
Trapped in a cage and surrendered
too soon
Me in my own world
Away too long
We were strangers (2)
Away too long (2)
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