Black Snake Diamond Rock Lyrics

Black snake diamond role
Twists away across the floor
Trails away like mercury
Have you ever seen her?
Been right in between her

She's a goddess
You'll pay double
Just to be a candlestick
Black snake diamond rock
Cut it hard and watch it shine

Doing it with confidence
Have you seen her squeeze a bulb?
Singing like a window pane
_____ glass she broke her voice

She's not young and she's not old
She's a woman every time
Got a penthouse full of dwarfs
Lord, I wish that she was mine
Well, maybe she is

Rock around the fire escape
Boogie with a question mark
Dancing with a rubber snake
Going down the Milton ?keenes?
Looking for my destiny, ha
Feeling young and dignified
In a velvet guillotine

Black snake diamond rock
Hungry fingers in a smock
Sucking on a ?cloaker's top?
Tulips blossom in a shop

Tulips from Amsterdam
Tulips from Amsterdam
Joined together at the sides
Black snake diamond role
Gonna make it with my bride
Gonna be a burly night
Well I hope and feel alright
Putting on a special smell
Leaves me in exquisite hell
Tulips from Amsterdam
Tulips from Amsterdam
Black snake - Diamond - Role