Vegetable Man Lyrics

In leather shoes
I get the blues
So I walk the streets
In my plastic feet
And my blue velvet trousers make me feel pink
There's a kind of stink about blue velvet trousers
In my paisley shirt I look a jerk
And my tourquoise waistcoat is quite outta sight
But oh, woah, my haircut looks so bad
Vegetable man, where are you?

So I change my ?hair?
And I buy my jeans
And I cover them up with a lettuce cup
My ______ socks with water and epoxy
Don't take _____ about my old socks
We'll wash my watch with a plant base, outta date, in a little hole there
all alone
It's what I got
It's what I wear
It's what you see
It must be me
It's what I am
Vegetable man

Ah-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha
Ah-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-oh

I've been looking all over the place for a place for me
But it ain't anywhere
It just ain't anywhere

Vegetable man
Vegetable man
Vegetable man
Vegetable man
Vegetable man
Vegetable man
Vegetable, vegetable man
Vegetable man

He's the kind of fellow you've just got to see if you can
Vegetable man