The Devils Coachman Lyrics

Yesterday it seemed so cool and everything was fabulous
Built of brick and made for an eternity;
Give an inch and take an inch and what you've got is where you were
the universe is based on sullen entropy
-It falls apart as it goes on

Yesterday I saw the Devil in the nude, it was embarrassing
-I turned away-
He was leering in the mirror when I looked again

Everything you say you won't is what you will eventually
Honesty is money in the cemetery
If he treat you horribly he's probably a Scorpio
He's a long kebab through your ovaries
-The same goes out, the same goes in

Yesterday I saw the Devil in a mood. He wasn7t angry, but he stood around
Biting off the legs of all his furry chums

I remember everything as if it happened years ago
Probably it did so I remember it
You are just your feelings it might give you vertigo
Falling off a high place and into it
-Just as I fell into you

Yesterday I saw the Devil in my food. I wasn't hungry,
But I played with it-

Blood red horns gouged through my scrambled (egg)

Yesterday I saw the Devil in my heart-I was expecting him
The doctor came-

I haave to call the doctor every time we kiss