Veins of the Queen Lyrics

Oh the veins of her Majesty the Queen
They're so regal and serene
How I7d love to say I'd been
Down the veins of her Majesty the Queen
Tunnel down their beauteous sheen
And tell everyone I'd been
O the Queen and her cellar full of dogs
Wonder has she any frogs
Does she ever chop up logs?
Woah oh no-no I don't suppose she does
It would all be too much fuss
Anyway she'd have a

Private detective with her
Private detective with her

Just making sure no one ever had a go
At her Majesty the Queen
Someone no one really knows
You might think you know your friends
Even when they're on a screen
But nobody pretends
That they really know the Queen
I'd love to say I'd been
Somewhere deep inside the veins
Of Her Majesty the Queen