You're so distant honey, you're mr. Cool
You lock up your feelings, you're nobody's fool
You're facing the world with your fist clenched tight
Tough guy, tough guy, facing the light
Don't forget to remember, she's coming up in back
Even you surrender, surrender to her sweet attack

Ambush, ambush, come from behind
Ambush, ambush, capture your mind
Ambush, ambush, I'm in disguise
Ambush, ambush, take you by surprise

When you don't expect it, that's when she appear
Whisper your fancy, licking your ear
Put her arms around you, give a little squeeze
One little taste bring you to your knees
The way she touch, is almost too much
When she lay, lay that claim, lay that claim, you beg, begging her name


I'm telling you right up front, you're the prisoner, she do what she want