Passionworks Lyrics

Wake me up with laughter, wrap me in your arms
This ain't no morning after, it's never been so warm
It didn't take so long for us to feel this way
Can a good thing last longer than a day?

Where do we take it now, now that we caught fire
Will something greater grow out of this desire
Should I drop my guard at the risk of being used
The way you do those things to me, how can I refuse?

I could get addicted to your energy
The way you take me over, is pulling on me
Our hearts beat together, our timing is the same
But can I trust my feelings, and save myself the pain?


We could share the mystery, spare ourselves the misery
Discover it again every day, we could take love all the way


(How can I refuse you) (repeats out)

Young girl feeling pretty old, young girl in the band
Rolling into another town, living the best they can

Across the street, a music store, she gotta find a brand new axe
And there he was, that blue guitar, he was staring her right back
Staring her right back

She held him close and he felt just fine
He warmed her up, she knew he was just right
Together they cut right through the night

She made herself a local scene, and man that axe could sing and scream
Cryin' for that big breakthrough, only small time local news

Just about to pack it in, Mr. Money Biz rolled in
Paid the way and broke the band, a living one night stand
A living one night stand

She held him close and he felt just fine
He warmed her up, she knew he was just right
Together they cut right through the night
Like touching fire, like holding desire
Like touching fire, like holding desire


Take this platinum, take this gold, burn too hot, it turns you cold
Nothin' left to hold on to, but that guitar was always true
That man was always true


Johnny Moon, dreams in class, answers the question before it's asked
You can see Johnny, but he's not there, nobody saw Johnny disappear

Mother says his mama's too easy, letting him come and go as he pleases
Walls and windows won't do it, lock the door, Johnny goes right through it

It's so hard to get his attention, when he's out there in another dimension
Johnny I wanna follow you outside, I wanna feel that high


It's so hard to get your attention, when you're out there in another dimension
Johnny I wanna follow you outside, I wanna feel that high

Johnny, you, I can pretend with, you are the only one I can really bend with
Take me 'cross the river Styx, fill my eyes with fire tricks
Anything you got hidden up your sleeve
Anything you tell me, Johnny, I'll believe

Say so long baby, turn around, loneliness hits you, emptiness closes you down

Alone in his car, you think of his name
Took part of you with him, it won't be the same

You love to relive the love that he gives
You love to recall the rush of it all
He woos you so sweet, then kicks on the heat
You're willing, you're hot, give him all that you got

Lonely woman gets so cold, with no loverboy to hold
One more night she's on her own, nobody meant to sleep alone

You're waiting too hard, counting the days
Till he comes home to lift you out of his haze
You dream all day, climb the walls all night
No satisfaction till he makes it right

So hard to kick the memory addicting you
So hard to lick the romance afflicting you
You love to relive the love that he gives
You love to recall the rush of it all


Deep inside this city night, only you and me
I can only hear your voice, I am all you see
Baby, I love you, born to be mine, I say forever, you say all the time
Take it like a vow, we're together now

Together now, together now, together now, together now
In this world so fast, nothing lasts
But I can feel it now, we're gonna make it together

Now you're winning in big town trade, lose it once, try to get saved
Talk gets cheap, money gets made, in too deep, time steals away
I call you up, get you on the line, wanna get back to where we were that time
Wanna get you out, out of this place, hold you close, just to see your face

Together now, together now, together now, together now
Together now, together now, together now, together now

In troubled times, it's hard to get straight answers
Between the lines, that border wrong or right
The homeland cries, it struggles with confusion
But this feelin' still remains, like shelter from the rain

We live of faith, in the hands of those who guide us
And tear the page on the fear we left behind
We set the pace for every born survivor
Don't turn the other way, when I need to hear you say

Allies with our backs against the wall, I will answer when you call
And take on the odds, for what we believe is true
Allies in a world of too much choice, I only need your voice
To tell me you care, I'll be anywhere for you, allies

We search our hearts to justify the reason
And draw the line, to meet somewhere halfway
If faith is blind, through darkness it will guide us
'Cause the spirit still remains with the keepers of the flame




Who was with you, where you been? Baby it can't be this again
I can't cool it 'cos I can't win it with you

Words like punches, things we said, under the belt and in the head
Down for the count in a cold cold bed, beat by jealousy

Jealousy, jealousy, stranglehold, so love can't breathe
Let me be, set me free, jealousy

You won't hear what I imply, what you say, I don't buy
You deny but you lie, jealousy



Down suspicious, torn in doubt, dirty vicious, knock me out

Danger danger, stakes are high, hook the blow between the eyes
Every round, you know we lose more ground, jealousy


Heavy heart think of yesterday, and you're torn apart, thinking of the ways
It was easier to smile, more than today, love grew wild

Heavy heart like a perfect stranger, you make it hard, taking all the blame
Still you hear the sound, calling your name, trouble's coming down so heavy

Turn it around, it's pressing me down, heavy heart
This time I find, it weighs on my mind, heavy heart

It's just like you to take it all so far
And then you feel abused and wonder who you are
Everything you've done, anything you start, can turn and run

Ain't it true, it's only just a stage, give it room, start an empty page
Get back in the game, do it your way, you don't have to play so heavy


When your heart is strong it leads you on
But when it breaks you, it devastates you for so long


chorus repeats 2x

K.C., take another sip-o-wine, you gotta get her off your mind
You can talk about your heartbreak to me
Oh K.C., I wish it could be easy, just another lesson of the heart

K.C., we were feelin' out of place, so we made our own escape
In that New York cafe place to be, outsiders, travelers you and me
We were laughing about it, kept us out of reach

I won't forget that night, I won't forget that night
Through the windows and the lace, making patterns on your face
Exposed with all your pain, I know it hurts the worst
That very first love mistake

You said we'll still be sitting here again someday
Laughing at ourselves this way
After time has healed and made it right
We'll still be looking in each other's eyes
And through it all, it's friends who will survive


I been trying a long long time to write a love letter, perfect lines
What to say is hard to find, no cliches or tired rhymes
But words turn on me, hard as I try, your look of love, I can't describe

It's the language of love, the language of love
You'll understand what I say
Words are never enough, the language of love is the only way

Bad bad heartaches, when I'm alone
Fighting with feelings I've never known

Scared and lonely, half gone mad, 'cos I need what I just can't have
I write a love letter like a kiss in the night
I wanna tell it to you, just right


I need love so very bad, you're the best I've ever had
I need to say I need to show, in the way only lovers know




It's the language of love, the language of love
Words are never enough, the language of love is the only way

You're so distant honey, you're mr. Cool
You lock up your feelings, you're nobody's fool
You're facing the world with your fist clenched tight
Tough guy, tough guy, facing the light
Don't forget to remember, she's coming up in back
Even you surrender, surrender to her sweet attack

Ambush, ambush, come from behind
Ambush, ambush, capture your mind
Ambush, ambush, I'm in disguise
Ambush, ambush, take you by surprise

When you don't expect it, that's when she appear
Whisper your fancy, licking your ear
Put her arms around you, give a little squeeze
One little taste bring you to your knees
The way she touch, is almost too much
When she lay, lay that claim, lay that claim, you beg, begging her name


I'm telling you right up front, you're the prisoner, she do what she want

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