K.C., take another sip-o-wine, you gotta get her off your mind
You can talk about your heartbreak to me
Oh K.C., I wish it could be easy, just another lesson of the heart

K.C., we were feelin' out of place, so we made our own escape
In that New York cafe place to be, outsiders, travelers you and me
We were laughing about it, kept us out of reach

I won't forget that night, I won't forget that night
Through the windows and the lace, making patterns on your face
Exposed with all your pain, I know it hurts the worst
That very first love mistake

You said we'll still be sitting here again someday
Laughing at ourselves this way
After time has healed and made it right
We'll still be looking in each other's eyes
And through it all, it's friends who will survive