Heavy heart think of yesterday, and you're torn apart, thinking of the ways
It was easier to smile, more than today, love grew wild

Heavy heart like a perfect stranger, you make it hard, taking all the blame
Still you hear the sound, calling your name, trouble's coming down so heavy

Turn it around, it's pressing me down, heavy heart
This time I find, it weighs on my mind, heavy heart

It's just like you to take it all so far
And then you feel abused and wonder who you are
Everything you've done, anything you start, can turn and run

Ain't it true, it's only just a stage, give it room, start an empty page
Get back in the game, do it your way, you don't have to play so heavy


When your heart is strong it leads you on
But when it breaks you, it devastates you for so long


chorus repeats 2x